Find and Lower
Hidden and Confusing Fees


We identify and explain the fees in your retirement plan and determine if they are fair and reasonable. Total fee transparency often results in significant reductions, most of which come from employee accounts.

Lower fees for employees means more of their assets stay in their account working for their retirement.

Provide Employees
Retirement Planning Advice


Planning for retirement can be overwhelming for many employees. ClearPoint Financial Partners provides tailored advice on how much to save and investing retirement assets.

Taking the guesswork out of retirement planning gives employees confidence about their financial future.

Implement a Fiduciary Governance Process


Employers have many responsibilities when it comes to retirement plans; including, benchmarking fees, monitoring investments, plan compliance and providing employees plan information.

We implement a prudent review process that allows employers to feel confident in meeting fiduciary duties so that they can focus on running their organization.

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