Employer Services

Fee Benchmarking - uncover hidden and confusing plan fees. Retirement plan contracts can be complicated making it difficult for employers to understand all the fees their employees are paying. We know how to find the fees and provide an "apples-to-apples" analysis so that informed decisions can be made. Not only is this process required of employers (fiduciaries), it often results in significant savings for employees.

Fiduciary Plan Reviews - lead a recurring and prudent plan review process. Regular fiduciary level plan reviews are the cornerstone of a successful retirement plan.  We meet with employers on a semi-annual or quarterly basis to review investment performance, day-to-day plan operation, fees and employee communication. It's almost impossible to fulfill all fiduciary duties without a formal review process in place. The result is often a better, more appreciated plan and reduced fiduciary liability. 

Employee Communication - spark employee participation and retirement readiness. Most Americans are overwhelmed with the prospect of planning for retirement. We become a trusted resource that gives employees confidence in their financial future, which has been shown to improve productivity, job satisfaction and loyalty. Communication topics include enrollment in the plan, investing plan assets, pre-tax vs. Roth,  retirement income planning and overall financial wellness. 

Impact RetirementTM - align assets with employer and employee values. More employers are building a values based culture. More employees are looking for their assets and employer to reflect their concern for environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. For electing employers, Impact Retirement gives their employees the choice to invest retirement assets in mutual funds that consider ESG issues as part of their investment process. 

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