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Employer Retirement Survey

Completing the following short survey will help us better understand the wants and needs of employers who sponsor 401k, 403b, 457 and other retirement plans for their employees. We have kept the survey to only 8 questions to be respectful of your time.

Thank you for your time and responses.

John Herd, Marketing Research Intern

ClearPoint Financial Partners

Employer Retirement Plan Survey
1. Who is primarily responsible for the retirement plan at your company?
2. Is there a formal retirement committee responsible for overseeing the plan?
3. How often does the retirement committee meet? (if applicable)
4. When did your committee conduct its last formal fee benchmarking?
5. How often are employees offered formal retirement planning support?
6. Does your company offer employees 1-on-1 retirement planning from advisors?
7. Does your plan offer employees a way to align their retirement assets with environmental, social & governance (ESG) values?
8. Would you be interested in a complimentary fee analysis to uncover hidden and confusing plan fees?

Thanks for submitting!

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