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Social Justice

We recognize and acknowledge our history holds centuries of oppression and systemic racism that lives on today. This must change. We understand that the work that has been done to address racial injustice requires further effort, and we need to do more.

We commit to continuing to listen and learn and advocate for meeting the needs of the Black community—and to help create an equitable financial system, as we believe a brighter financial future should be accessible to everyone.

It is also important to recognize and acknowledge that prejudice, racism and oppression negatively and systemically impact other marginalized populations as well—including Indigenous, Hispanic/Latina(o), Asian and LGBTQ communities. We know each has been impacted in different ways and we are committed to the pursuit of racial and social justice, enabling an equitable pathway to financial stability and success.

We pledge to be part of the solution to help improve the lives of those we serve and create a better society for the benefit of every one of us.

What We Believe

1) We believe that a stable and secure financial future should be accessible to everyone.

2) We believe that systemic oppression has kept many Black, Indigenous, Hispanic/Latina(o), Asian and other marginalized populations from achieving financial stability and security.

3) We believe diversity in the financial industry should be more reflective of our society.

4) We believe we have the power to create positive change through the work we do, by:

- understanding vendor commitments to social justice & diversity, equity and inclusion

- asking investment managers to disclose the diversity of their workforce and fund management teams

- providing investment and retirement education equally to all employees

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