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Market Volatility & Your Retirement Account - March 7, 2022 

Overview: ClearPoint Financial Partners and T. Rowe Price hosted a webinar to discuss current market volatility in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, Inflation and the Russian-Ukraine War. Times like these can be concerning for even the most experienced investors. This webinar was designed to provide information that helps retirement plan participants make informed decisions to plan, save and invest for their financial future.

Guest Speaker: Chris Dillon, Investment Specialist, T. Rowe Price Investment Services, Inc.,  

Length: 25 Minutes

Webinar Topics Include:

  • Current Market Volatility: COVID19, Inflation & War in Ukraine

  • History of Market Volatility

  • Guidance to retirement plan participants

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Retirement Plans & Responsible Investing - January 19, 2021, 1pm PST 

FAOG Retirement Survey Report.png

(click image for pdf)


ClearPoint Financial Partners presented the results of the 2020 FAOG Retirement Plan Survey, completed by community foundation members of FAOG (Financial Administration Operations Group.) The purpose of the survey was to gain better insight into the retirement plans sponsored by FAOG members so they could assess their effectiveness and make improvements that might result in more employees reaching their retirement goals. (Full report to the right)

Length: 60 Minutes

Webinar Topics Include:

  • Types of plans and prominent design elements

  • Plan governance practices and investments offered

  • Employee communication, guidance and retirement advice

  • Fee benchmarking and fiduciary best practices

Additionally, Nuveen-TIAA will be presenting findings from their Fifth annual responsible investing survey. Presenters: Marvin Etienne and Megan Fielding of Nuveen-TIAA.


Download webinar PPT


ClearPoint Financial Partners hosted a webinar featuring guest speaker, Paul Eitelman, Senior Investment Strategist of Russell Investments on March 6, 2020, covering recent market volatility and how it impacts retirement accounts. 

  • How often do market corrections happen and how long is the average recovery?

  • How is this market correction similar or different from ones in the past?

  • What impact is the recent coronavirus outbreak having on investment markets?

  • What should the average employee/participant do with their retirement account?


Our goal is to help employees continue to plan, save and invest for their future with confidence.

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