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Impact Retirement - ESG Focused Portfolios

A growing number of employees want their employer and their investments to reflect their personal values. Impact Retirement ESG (environmental, social & governance) focused target portfolios give employees the ability to align their retirement assets with their values and give employers a way to reinforce a corporate culture that supports environmental, social and governance issues. Additionally, research has linked some ESG factors to corporate financial performance, meaning these portfolios have the potential to perform as well, or better, than portfolios that do not consider ESG factors in their investment process.


ESG focused portfolios go through the same analysis methodology as all funds, which includes: performance, risk, expense and management factors. Additionally, should any ESG focused investments funds fail to meet performance expectations they will go through a formal "watch" and "replacement" protocol.


In addition to traditional analysis, these funds are evaluated for ESG factors that include: Sustainability Rating, Controversial Business Practices, Prospectus Focus on ESG, UN Principles of Responsible Investing Signatory Status and Voting Proxies in Line with ESG Factors.


Target Portfolios

ESG focused funds are selected from major asset categories, including Large Cap US Equity, Small & Mid Cap US  Equity, International Equity and Fixed Income. These investments are then used to create target portfolios that provide employees a diversified allocation of ESG focused investments that aligns with their risk objectives. 


Why ESG? How companies treat employees and customers, their impact on the environment and the diversity and transparency of their leadership team matters. Why wouldn’t an investor care about these issues? Considering ESG just sounds like good business if you are interested in long-term performance, which is what we are talking about with retirement plans.

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